Monday, 8 December 2014

Enviro Kids Week 8 Term 4 2014

Kia Ora Whanau! This week was the last week for the Enviro Kids to meet for the year. We met on Thursday instead of Wednesday and worked on our gardens and recipes for most of the day.

First we harvested our potatoes. What a great crop we had! Some of the purple passion potatoes had grown quite big. There were also lots of little ones that taste sweet when you cook them. Everyone worked really hard and we were very glad that Bob came to help with his pitch fork! Thank you Bob!

We gave the leftover leaves to the worms.
Now these gardens are ready for next year's planting. Great job Enviro Kids!
Then we moved to the silverbeet gardens by Room 12. We got a surprise when we dug down deep - there were potatoes! They had grown from some that got left in the gardens by mistake.
Everyone helped and did their part, it was great team work!
Arkylez worked really hard with his one arm, good on you Arkylez!
There was lots and lots of silverbeet so we kept some for our fritters and decided to give some to Room 12 to share because they have been very good citizens helping their neighbours in Room 10 and 11.
And we wanted Room 6 to have some because they have been following our blog and giving us great comments.
Then it was off to the kitchen to scrub and cook our potatoes so they would be ready for lunch.
We picked some mint from our herb gardens to add to the flavour, yum!
While the potatoes were cooking, we made our strawberry smoothies with Mrs Hart.
Delicious! Everybody liked them!
Frozen strawberries; bananas; apples cut into 1/8s, skin on; some milk; some yoghurt. Put everything in a blender. Whizz till smooth. Pour into a cup. Enjoy!
Next we helped to make the silverbeet fritters. Some people were good at grating the cheese and some were good at mixing.
 Haloumi cheese; 2 cups silverbeet, chopped; 1 Tblespn mint, chopped; zest from 1 lemon; 2 eggs; 1/2 cup of plain flour.
Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl. Then place spoonfuls into a frypan that has melted butter in it. Turn over when they go golden brown. Take out of the pan when the other side is golden brown. Allow to cool slightly and then eat them!
Mrs Hart cooked the fritters in a frypan. Then it was time to eat!
What a scrumptious feast!
After that we had a break for lunch time play and then we dug up the strawberry plants so we could all take one or two home to put in our own garden. We are looking forward to having ripe red strawberries for Christmas! Yum! Yum! Yum!

Great work Enviro Kids you have taken good care of our SPS environment!
Thank you to Mrs Hart and Mrs Hanline for leading our Enviro Kids this year!
Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to All!


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  1. Thank you EnviroKids, Mrs Hanline and Mrs Hart for all of your hard work this year. It has been such a pleasure seeing all the veges growing so well around the school and having little foodie adventures when something new turns up at home. And now we have some strawberry plants growing in the garden too!
    We are so lucky to have Joseph's help and advice in the garden as well.
    Have a very happy holiday!