Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Enviro Kids Week 2 Term 2 2015

Kia Ora Whanau!

And now a word or two from our Enviro Kids:

Danina: "I like to see plant grow."

Amelia: "I like planting the plants."

Caleb: "I had spinach from the SPS garden for 3 nights."

Livi: "I like feeding the worms."

Mose: "I like watering the plants."

Korey: "I like weeding the gardens."

Tarani: "I like eating our spinach for my supper."

Acacia: "I like harvesting the spinach to take home."

Amy: "I thought the spinach was yum!"

Paul: "I like planting the herbs in the front gardens."

Estelle: "My whole family loved eating the fresh spinach."

Happy gardening Everyone!

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