Saturday, 23 May 2015

Enviro Kids Week 4 and 5 Term 2 2015

Kia Ora Whanau! We hope you have had a chance to spend some time in your gardens over the last two weeks. We have found that the rain is really helping our spinach and silverbeet.

This week we did a lot of maintenance on our gardens and worm farm. We fed the worms some juicy rotten left over fruit and made sure they  had some paper too. 
We checked on our beetroot and pulled out any weeds that were trying to take away nutrients from our plants.
We inspected our spring onions to see how they are doing and we watered the gardens by the office because they do not get as much rain as the other gardens. 
We examined our mint plants because they are being eaten by something. We can see the holes in the leaves but we did not find what is eating them. We will investigate this using the internet to see what we can find.
We dead headed the marigolds that help to keep the bugs away from our herbs and Mrs Hart showed us their seeds.

Happy gardening Everyone!

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